Speed Is King

Provided the penetration and weld integrity are ensured! And only then you can get to the next level of productivity.

Our MIG-TIG process innovations lessen the manufacturing costs and increase the welding speed while simplifying the process and leading to higher productivity.

With the TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) method the electric arc is burnt between the non-melting tungsten electrode and workpiece. As the arc is extremely intense it can be easily controlled, a separate argon shielding gas is used to protect the arc from the atmosphere.

As for the advantages of TIG welding, its good control and smooth handling over the arc allows comfortable and neat working. Also, the low oxidization of the workpiece, omission of fluxing agents, non-spattering arc, and small welding zone ensures precise seams with no slag inclusions and no rework.

On the other hand, MIG (GMAW or Gas Metal Arc Welding) process includes a spool of continuously fed wire. This can be used to join the stretches of metal without any stop. The apparatus, or weldor, holds the wire feeder is fed into a weld at a controlled speed rate, when an inert argon gas protects the weld area from atmospheric contamination.

With MIG welding high quality welds can be developed faster than before. Because flux is not used, no entrapment of slag can be seen, thus resulting in a high quality weld. Besides, it is a versatile process and can be used with a variety of alloys and metals. You can also operate it in different ways, including semi and fully automatic.

Stands The Test Of Time

Our fully enclosed welding machines are designed to offer durability and longer run times. Each has robust wire feeder and excellent ARC stability, and provides auto protection against erratic voltage.

Welding Processes


But keeping the quality right! Speed can deliver productivity when the penetration is appropriate. And it is only then, the welding process will be easier for everyone. We emphasized on this and thus developed our MIG-TIG process. Significantly, they increase your welding speed while making the process smoother than ever.


  • Easy handling;
  • Good control over the arc;
  • Clean and precise seams with no slag inclusions;


  • High quality welds;
  • Master of speed;
  • No chance of slag entrapment;
  • Very little loss of alloying elements;


Our range of fully enclosed welding machines offer longer run times, and more durability than many of its competitive machines. Because of the enclosed case the machines are well protected plus they have reduced noise.

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